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Yogi of the Month

John Cotone

John Cotone-Onyx Yogi of the MonthYoga came into my life at a time when I needed the practice. In early 2017, I was struggling a lot with figuring out how to find my happiness and after passing Onyx many times I finally decided to take a class. My first class at Onyx was a gentle Hatha class led by Ranjitha. It was in this class that for the first time in a long time I felt at home, safe and supported. I couldn’t wait to get back to my next class, and pretty soon Onyx became a second home for me. 


My practice began with gentle classes and restorative, as I did not feel I was physically capable of anything else which I later learned was more of a mental limitation than a physical. I began to venture into the vinyasa type classes, and eventually made my way into the hot room where I took my first warm class with Mukunda. After surviving my first warm class, I wanted more and more. I owe a lot of the advancements in my practice to Mukunda’s classes due to his ability to push me into territories I would have never explored and believing in my abilities when I didn’t. Not only did I find huge improvements in his classes, but I also found a community of people, a family, that I have not found at any other studio. 


After diving deeper into my practice and myself, I began to toss around the idea of enrolling in a teacher training. I was convinced to just sign up by my friend, Trish, after trying to come up with every excuse as to why I shouldn’t. Without having an idea of how I would pay for the program as I had just started a business and was in the early stages of development, I bit the bullet and put all my trust in the universe and enrolled in Onyx’s 200 hour YTT. In the early stages of our training, Shannon had told us to “do the Yoga, and let the Yoga do its job”. This concept played heavily in my head as I pressed through the challenges and obstacles along the way, and the idea of “trust the process” still supports me to this day. Although I started my training without the intentions of teaching, I’m happy to say that I have gained the confidence, compassion, and wisdom to share this gift that has helped me find happiness. I hope to provide each and every student in my classes the ability to experience themselves, and to accept and love that experience. Reverend Jaganath perfectly sums up the goal of yoga: “The real goal of yoga is not to nail a pose or to meditate for hours a day, but to answer yes to two questions- am I happier than I was yesterday and am I more loving than I was yesterday?” Yoga has given me everything I need by showing me I don’t need anything at all. Thank you to all the teachers mentioned above and Onyx Yoga Studio for facilitating my journey to happiness, much love. Namaste.



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