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Yogi of the Month

Gloria Mayer

Onyx Yogi of the Month - Gloria MayerIn June of 2010 I had just retired. Surprisingly, I found that relaxing was not so easy after 28 years of stimulating, high-pressure work. My mind and body kept racing on, though the stress was a thing of the past.

While taking long walks in the neighborhood, I encountered Onyx yoga. After a number of vinyasa-flow classes, my mind and body began to relax and I found myself exploring values and goals that were not measurable by corporate year-end reviews.

Having practiced a variety of yoga methods at Onyx, I found ways to adapt physically and mentally to almost all of them. Yoga helped me through the untimely death of some of my closest relatives. Meditation and physical yoga practice helped me find peace and acceptance through those difficult times.

I found that yoga helped me to stretch both mind and body. I`ve returned to creating art after putting it on the shelf during my IT-career years. I allow more fun in my life, and enjoy playing with my one-year-old grandson who is very good at Happy-Baby pose. Other joyful activities include volunteering for the Warren Green Team (ask me about recycling and pollinators) and gardening.

Not every yoga method is a good fit for me, but so many others are heaven for my mind and body: restorative yoga, meditation, vinyasa, hatha yoga (even back to yoga basics when my practice needs tweaking). Today I’m focused on Kundalini yoga; the philosophy and breathwork resonate with me. The practice of yoga taught me to respect my body‘s limitations and to celebrate its strengths.

Over time, my practice of yoga in its permutations led me to a place of gratitude and joy. There are days when I’m not the yogi I want to be, but I have acquired the tools that bring me back to balance.        namaste

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