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Yogi of the Month

Lynne Ann Hewlett
and Keke Hammell
(Mother and Daughter)

When mom, Lynne Ann, gave daughter, Keke, the gift of trial yoga lessons and an offer to be an initial yoga partner, neither knew where the experience would take them. We tip-toed into Onyx, not quite certain how to start our journey. The cleanliness and brightness of the studio were attractive, but would this work for us? We were set at ease when we met with staff to discuss Keke’s injuries and Lynne Ann’s concerns. At each new class, the instructor introduced herself, asked about limitations and encouraged us to work at our own level throughout the class. Our classmates were friendly and helpful.

The variety of classes and instructors presented different ways for us to experience and practice yoga. We started to feel as though we could do this!!

So, how did that work for this mother-daughter team? Nine months later, we’re still on our mats and enjoying our entry into the yoga world. We can definitely say we have gained strength, flexibility and balance, although we find our bodies work very differently. We have met wonderful people and made some special friends. We’re trying to remember to breathe both in class and in times of stress. Keke, a preschool teacher, is sharing yoga moves with her class while Lynne Ann, a retiree, is practicing downward dog with the family tortoise.

We enjoy the time we share at Onyx. We don’t always take classes together but it’s lots of fun when we do. And, when the class is popular and mat space is tight, it is nice to know the foot in your space belongs to someone you love.

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