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Yogi of the Month

Maggie Yurachek

Maggie Yurachek - Yogi of the Month at OnyxMaggie started practicing yoga while at Colorado College in 2001 to manage stress and anxiety.  She quickly became very committed to her practice (ok, it may have been a little obsessive). The community, as well as the physical and spiritual nature of the classes, was instantly appealing.  Upon graduating from college, Maggie entertained taking teacher training but then opted to continue as a student rather than a teacher.

Shortly after college, at a time of transition and much anxiety, a friend recommended she participate in the SEVA program at Kripalu where she chopped vegetables in exchange for room, board and classes.  This was a valuable and transformative experience, and shortly thereafter, she went back to school for photography, in pursuit of her passion.

Yoga was on the back burner during Maggie’s time in photography school and for a couple years thereafter.  While this period was one of learning and advancing in photography, it was one of little spiritual growth.  Her first photography job after completing photography school was largely spent on the road and in hotels and the lifestyle was a lonely one. 

Again, in search of something else, Maggie left her position in Massachusetts and moved back home and started her own photography business in 2010.  She intermittently practiced, mostly when she was uncomfortable and experiencing anxiety, but didn’t establish a regular practice again until 2013 when she found Onyx after moving to Warren from Chatham, NJ.

It was at this point that Maggie found a steady practice as well as a wonderful community at Onyx.  It is no coincidence that things started falling into place. She no longer felt as though she was searching for something, but rather was right where she wanted (needed) to be. Her photography business blossomed as Maggie started to realize her hopes and dreams of being a successful small business owner and began creating lasting, beautiful, visual memories for her clients.

Today, Maggie enjoys taking several classes a week.  She enjoys all of the teachers and classes that she’s tried and it’s mainly her schedule now which determines which classes she makes.  She’s made lasting friendships, business connections, and grown physically and spiritually as a result of her practice and relationships at Onyx.


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