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Yoga Classes

The Yoga Center at Onyx is sacred space, devoted to daily Yoga Classes, Holistic Trainings and Spiritual Teachings. Our faculty are devoted to facilitating a deep state of physical, mental, and spiritual union so that students might lead a more healthful, peaceful and joyful life. We have two studios; our main yoga room operates at normal temperature and our HOT studio operates at elevated temperatures.


Daily Yoga Classes

Yoga Basics

The basic principles of Yoga and the foundational poses that make up a typical class are taught with an emphasis on correct alignment, often with the use of props and modifications. Open to all, from very new beginners to more experienced practitioners who want to return to the basics.


Vinyasa Flow

Connect movement with breath "vinyasa" as the teacher guides you through traditional yoga asana postures sequenced into a "flow." Against a backdrop of great music, move through physical postures, usually starting with a sun salutation series.  All levels of practitioner are welcome at Level 1 classes, including Beginners. For Mixed Level classes some knowledge of basic postures is recommended.

Kundalini Yoga

Experience Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This class will focus on pranayama breathework, movement, meditation, and kriyas (cleansing practices to help strengthen the nervous system and subtle body to awaken the kundalini energy.) When this energy awakens you will experience your own innate inner power and joy.. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, energized, balanced, and present. 

Gentle Yoga Practice with Yoga Nidra

Gentle asana is a slower paced yoga practice where you align and strengthen the body. Each class begins with 50 minutes of asana followed by 25 minutes of deep rejuvenation through savasana (corpse pose) and yoga nidra, a guided relaxation practice. Yoga nidra is a powerful relaxation technique where the mind and body hover between a state of total consciousness and deep sleep. It is said that one hour of Yoga nidra is equivalent to three hours of sleep. On a subtle body level this practice cultivates relief from exhaustion and stress, and provides a deeper inner awareness.


Gentle Hatha Yoga for Stress Relief

Perfect for anybody looking to relieve stress and energize, as well as build flexibility and strength. Appropriate for all levels, including beginners.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga classes are a wonderful tool for rejuvenation and complement more active practices. In restorative yoga, props are used to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing your body to relax, release and let go. The postures are usually modified from reclined or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters, and blankets. With the use of props you can safely access and benefit from sustained stretches in a supported manner to minimize strain and maximize opening. Once you are set up in the pose with the assistance of props, you will hold the pose for an extended period of time, often eight to fifteen minutes. Restorative yoga is a relaxing style of practice that leaves you feeling open and refreshed.

Yoga for Recovery

his class is open to anyone in recovery or on the journey to recovery who is or has been challenged by addiction and trauma. We will create  a safe space for healing the body, mind, and soul. This class will focus on linking breath and movement, tapping into your emotions and feelings, and opening to the process of recovery. This practice will give you a set of tools and support for living a wonderful, healthy life.  Everyone is welcome, beginners highly encouraged.  Our goal is to create a sacred recovery community! The entrance for this class is on the side of the Yoga studio and there will be a paper sign-in, so your anonymity will be protected to the best of our ability. Funds to support this program are provided by Onyx and Kula for Karma, a non-profit organization bringing therapeutic yoga and meditation to those most in need, transforming lives and changing the face of healthcare.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a simple, quiet,  in-drawn practice that uses steady, long-held postures that benefit your “yin,” connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones. Poses are held 3 to 5 minutes each with all muscles relaxed and released.  Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach to yoga, that aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence. It can be practised by everybody and will complement an already active life or help those who feel distracted by “mind chatter”.  This practice calms the mind and nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety, increases circulation, improves flexibility and joint mobility, balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi or prana through meridian stimulation.

Pranayama and Meditation

Find stillness and peace within. Explore the benefits of meditation (dhyana) and breathing practices (pranayama) - perfect on their own or as a complement to your yoga practice. This class includes light stretching and warmups to prepare for a seated practice as well as discussion of technique and philosophy. Various breathing practices will be taught, ranging from gentle to vigorous. Classes will also include chanting and vocalizations to experience the benefits of vibrational energy. No experience or equipment needed; appropriate for people who prefer the support of a chair or wall. Wear comfortable clothes and bring yourself just as you are.

Reiki & Meditation

Students will achieve a state of deep relaxation through guided meditation and receive individual Reiki, a gentle non-invasive healing technique that channels universal energy into the recipient. Through Reiki healing, the flow and balance of energy can be restored, allowing the body to return to a state of physical and emotional well-being.

Kids Yoga Play

Kid's Yoga Play (Ages 4-8). Drop your youngsters off for this 75 minute class while you take your own yoga class in the next room! Children will love developing their own practice through child friendly yoga poses, games, activities, relaxation. At the end of class your little yogis will enjoy art time and a snack before joining you on your mat for a parent/child savasana!
** Please send your child with their own water bottle and a peanut-free snack!


Yoga Events and Trainings

Always check our Events page for details on workshops, trainings, teachings, retreats and more.

Our Yoga Teachers

Are wonderful, and we are very proud of them. Read their bios on Our Staff page.


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