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Judit Duran

Where are you originally from? How long did you live there?  Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 1.31.55 PM

1. I am originally from a coastal town 12 miles North of Barcelona (Spain). I lived there until I was 21 and then moved to NYC. I was supposed to stay in the USA only for a year, but here I am, 19 years later! I lived in New York for a year and a half and then moved to New Jersey. I have lived in Berkeley Heights, North Plainfield and now in Watchung. And who knows where I will end up in the coming years!

What activities do you enjoy besides yoga?

2. I love to hike, play soccer with my son, go on walks with my daughter and my dog and travel the world. Nature fascinates me too; any activity outside either by the mountains or by the shore nourishes my soul.

Who or what inspires you the most lately?

3. Lately, I have been very inspired by Mooji. Mooji is a master, who has dedicated his life in service to all who desire to awaken into their natural Self. Mooji is a true light in this world, whose presence, wisdom and loving guidance point us to who we are beyond the limitations of our conditioning and identity. Mooji’s wisdom, compassion, openness, and humor are remarkable. I am so grateful to have been in his presence twice and look forward to seeing him again in 2019. Meanwhile, I listen to his talks on YouTube and read his books. 

What is your favorite aspect of teaching/being a teacher?

4. I love to spend time with people who are interested in knowing themselves and going beyond asanas (yoga postures). Yoga has so much to offer! When you discover that yoga is so much more than just physical positions, a whole new world opens up within you. It is so beautiful to see students recognizing that and dropping layers of conditioning and emotional baggage. I always have a theme that I talk about during class, in the process of preparing lessons and teaching them every time I learn something new about myself and where I am stuck. I love learning from my students and offering my best self to them. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

5. In general, I feel drawn towards destinations that are not too touristy. Remote locations of outstanding natural beauty where I can recharge. I also like to connect to the local people of the country I visit, immerse myself in their culture. I have very fond memories of the trip my husband and I took to India, Nepal, and Tibet. The majesty of the Himalayan mountains thoroughly captivated me, the peace of the land and its people make it a unique and magical place on earth. I really hope to be able to go back one day. In my bucket list: The Amazon rainforest in South America. Why? Because of the lush jungle, the friendliness of its people, the biodiversity, the sounds, the remoteness of indigenous villages, the shaman's traditional natural remedies and the sunsets on the Amazon river.


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