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Micole Linehan

micole linehan onyx yoga teacher featureYoga came into my life in 2000 as a way to stretch after my daily runs.  I practiced 20 minute hatha yoga VHS tapes (yep) and DVDs, usually at least once daily and often morning and night (it’s only 20 minutes at home in pjs after all).  I started to crave the stress relief and calming effect I gained from my practice. Through yoga I reconnected with my body, something very difficult for someone living in persistent pain and struggling with fluctuations in health and weight.  Feeling, awareness, and the internal experience are at the heart of yoga.

I finally stepped into a studio for my first live yoga class more than a decade into my home practice.  I had no idea if I’d been doing the poses ‘right’ or if I could last for 75 minutes. I was terribly self-conscious and had to practice with my eyes closed to stay internally focused (I still close my eyes but as a meditative experience).  Over time, hypermobility and repetitive misalignments, coupled with my perfectionism and competitive nature, led me to injuries and limitations.  Those limitations humble my ego, bring me back to yoga beyond the asanas, and help me have compassion and empathy for others’ challenges.

When I felt ‘called’ to teach yoga from something I now realize was my instinct, I received so much encouragement from friends, family, and teachers.  Judy Parenti led me to Ranjitha Sandeep who led me to Shannon Elliott and my home at Onyx’s network of amazing teachers and friends. Shannon’s direction of the Onyx 200-hour Teacher Training changed my practice and my entire life in ways for which I am forever grateful.  The students and teachers at Onyx and everywhere I teach have changed my life in more ways than a half page summary could ever express.

I feel blessed, on the sunny days and the rainy days.  I am grateful to learn and share what yoga has to offer.  The teachings are endless, and we have a lifetime to practice and learn.  I look forward to practicing with you all!

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