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Josh Ansley

Onyx Yoga Teacher Feature - Josh AnsleyI began my journey with yoga 7,345 years ago on the banks of the Ganges-  oh, this Lifetime? Right. I began my journey with yoga about 20 years ago with a program designed to bring us to our most authentic Self. At that time I found that my purpose on this planet was to be of service to others, particularly with my artistry- theatre and music.

Unfortunately, I was overtaken by old coping mechanisms of reaching into the external world for solace. Attempting emotional balance through the use of food, relationships, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes was the only way I knew. Yoga was always there for me but I was more of a fair weathered friend to my physical practice and my mental/emotional/spiritual practice was virtually non-existent. While I had developed a powerful asana practice over the years, the temple was standing on sinking ground. 

Then several years ago I was ready.

I quit drinking, quit smoking, went vegan, ended a toxic relationship, did yoga teacher training, traveled, sold all my things and moved to Mexico (ya know, the usual). There I continued my training and began teaching as my physical/spiritual transformation evolved.

Yoga philosophy mixed with the physical practice has taught me how to overcome my deepest fears, resentments and character flaws/survival mechanisms that have been holding me back- even through my seeming success in the external world.

Now, I take my artistry and use it to help others on their own personal journey of Self discovery. My background as a theatrical performer helps me tread confidently in my classroom and my music is used as a healing when I sing and play guitar in Savasana. While my classes can be challenging my understanding of trauma release and the struggles of daily Life has taught me to be easy on mySelf and to help others do the same- strong but gentle.

I am very honored to be teaching at Onyx yoga.  The community has welcomed me with open arms and I Love being able to guide people along their yogic journey. Being of service to others in their lives keeps me steady on my own ever-winding road Home. We’re all in this together…

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