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Noelle Strid

Where are you originally from? How long did you live there?  Noelle Strid - Meet your Yoga Teacher at Onyx

I was born in Summit and raised in Florham Park, NJ up until I went off to Penn State for College. 


What activities do you enjoy besides yoga?

I love doing just about anything outdoors and adventurous!  I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, biking and camping and sometimes just going for a long, meditative walk with my dog.  I love to travel, and I also find cooking, dancing, music and being creative to be extremely therapeutic. 


Who or what inspires you the most lately?

I came across this mantra recently that has stuck in my head…All Is Within.  It is so clear and concise, yet sparks so much reflection, contemplation and soul searching - it seems to be fitting for 2019, per one of my fellow yogis, marks a year of new beginnings and a new seven period of elevated consciousness. 

Lately, I have been drawn to the Karma Path of yoga.  I am truly moved and inspired by those who live a life of selfless service and continue to be curious about what I can learn and share by immersing myself in it.  I also recently finished “The Inner Engineering of a Yogi” by Sadguru and reveled in his words and teachings and plan to continue to explore his insightfulness this year.  Finally, I was introduced to “A Course in Miracles” late last year by a student and am excited to join the study of this literature as well. 


What is your favorite aspect of teaching/being a teacher?

My favorite part of being a teacher is listening to the Aum at the beginning and end of class.  An abundance of subtle information can be gathered by experiencing the Aum of a group without speaking a word.  I love how this one sound gives proof of the effect of a practice.  I love how this one sound unites the energy of a group, and how it integrates breath, creation, vibration, energy, harmony and silence.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would visit the Galapagos Islands!  I spent a great deal of time in college studying evolution, and I think it would be amazing to visit the place where Darwin originated his theories!


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