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Hot  and Warm Yoga Classes offered at Onyx Yoga Studio in Warren, NJ, Somerset County

Hot Yoga Classes

Some like it HOT. At Onyx, we have two studios, one dedicated exclusively to HOT Yoga, and the other studio for traditional Yoga. Please enjoy both. HOT Yoga at Onyx = approx. 101 degrees 20% humidity. Our HOT Yoga classes are Vinyasa Flow classes performed at this temperature. Several times per week we also offer WARM Slow Flow. WARM = approx. 85 degrees. WARM is offered for those new to HOT Yoga and/or for those wanting to move at a slower pace in less extreme conditions.


HOT Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga taught in a heated environment, 101 degrees 20% humidity. HOT Vinyasa classes move through yoga postures and sequences at a rigorous pace. A prior yoga practice and knowledge of basic postures is assumed given the extreme conditions.


WARM Vinyasa Flow

A Vinyasa Yoga class performed at a WARM temperature (85 degrees) and taught at a regular Mixed Level pace.


Benefits of HOT Yoga

HOT Yoga classes externally warm us, penetrating muscles with heat and allowing for deeper physical practice and release. We might find we can go further into a posture in HOT Yoga than we can in normal room temperatures. Also, raised temperatures assist our body’s detoxification process because it causes us to sweat. HOT Yoga also requires the spirit to engage, to find the strength to endure. Many people report feeling very exhilarated after a HOT Yoga classes.


What to bring to your HOT Yoga class?

Bring a hand towel to class given that you will sweat, and also, a skid-less moisture absorption towel designed to lay on your Yoga mat is advisable. We have micro-fiber hand and mat towels available for purchase at the front desk, or search online (at sites like Hugger Mugger) for the full variety available. Sorry, we do not offer towel rentals. Also, bring your own water bottle. Our filtered water cooler is available to refill your bottle if you run out.


How to prepare for your HOT Yoga class?

Hydrate very well with water throughout the day before your class, and as a general rule of thumb, try not to eat for 2 hours prior.


Practice Caution

Practice caution, especially if you are pregnant, have diabetes, epilepsy, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, or are senior. As with any new exercise, please consult your doctor if you are not sure.


Brand new to HOT Yoga?

If you are brand new to Yoga in general, we encourage you to consider beginning your journey in our Beginner Basics (regular temperature) classes before migrating to HOT so that you can learn alignment principals and the basic postures before attempting practice in a heated environment. But if you are a “jump straight in” type, then consider beginning in a WARM Slow Flow class at first. If you already have an established Yoga practice, then simply proceed to either WARM or HOT Yoga with an open “beginner’s” mind. For all people all the time: respect your body’s feedback and inner wisdom.



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