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Vinyasa Flow (Level 2/3)

This class is taught by:

Joshua Ansley

Joshua's yoga is not for the faint of heart. His teaching lies heavily in Vedantic philosophy and is filtered through his background as a classically trained actor in London, a playwright in NY, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, a professional touring rock musician and a teacher training by Eric Paskel of Yoga Shelter in LA and Detroit. That's right...Detroit Rock City. Joshua has been teaching Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in both Spanish and English in Tulum, Mexico at Amansala’s ‘Bikini Boot Camp’, Yoga Shala, Yoga Dicha and Casa Violeta and he has now returned to NY to continue on his own path of teaching and being of service.
 Joshua is an urban monk and believes that all suffering is not caused by the world, but rather our relationship to it. Only through brutal honesty and consistency do we retrain the mind to keep us at our edge physically and mentally and thus surpass even our own expectations on our journey to greatness. His blend of poise and grace gleaned from classical text mixed with his Jersey boy sense of humor and musical talents brings a one of a kind power yogic experience to your own journey of transformation. Are you ready?
Level 2/3 is designed for students who are prepared to deepen their understanding of philosophy and asana. Students should be relatively independent in their practice, and know many of the names of the more common postures. Level two goes into more intricate understanding of breath and alignment, thus, familiarity with general alignment and movement with breath is expected. Instruction will be given primarily with verbal cues and hands on assists, not visual demonstrations. Students should be comfortable with rigorous surya namaskara; advanced standing balances (i.e. bird of paradise), forward bending (i.e. kurmasana) and backbending (full urdhva dhanurasana), headstand and other inversions. Modifications are fine, but students are expected to have strong knowledge of modifications. Students with a history of injuries are advised to check with the instructor before planning to attend the class.

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